How To Make A Crossword Puzzle

We all might be into solving crosswords in our free time or we also might think about it as part of our lifestyle, but when it comes to making a crossword puzzle things might get far more challenging. Here are a few things we have to keep in mind if we want to make a good crossword puzzle.

December 21, 1913 was the date when the first crossword puzzle was published by the journalist Arthur Wayne. Since then the number of people who actually solve the puzzle has been increasing tremendously. On the other hand more people are interested in creating one.

If you want to construct a professional crossword puzzle, you have to tell yourself that it is a tough choice but if you start to learn some basis, with a little bit of practice and will you will be able to make a great crossword puzzle.  Take it easy, do not push yourself, doing good things takes lots of time.  Here are some rules to follow:

  • Grid symmetry: Your grid should look the same when turned upside-down, anyhow this is the last thing you should worry about since there is an option to automatically color the mirrored square for you.
  • Grid connectedness: The white squares should all be connected to one another.
  • Word length: Words must have at least three letters.
  • Word count: Regarding the NYT all week day puzzles should have no more than 78 words.Brain Out Lösungen
  • Duplicate words: Be careful you cannot use the same word for two separated clues.
  • Theme entries: The theme in a puzzle helps the puzzle solver in unifying the clue-answers. Many modern puzzles chose to have a theme.
  • Word choice: While choosing words try to  be careful with the words that are common in crossword puzzles, spelling variants which should be kept at a an absolute minimum, Obscure answers can be fine only if they are interesting.
  • Clue conventions: In this case the challenge for the solver should be in figuring out the clue, no in figuring out whether you’re following convention. CodyCross Lösungen

So it is very important while deciding on making a crossword puzzle to work on two main directions the first one the structure and the second one the is the content.

The last thing you should worry about is creating clues, it is the most fun part but also the one that requires less commitment.  You absolutely are looking for creating a difficult puzzle, in these case be careful with the clues that you choose.  The trickiest clues are the ones that have many possible answers and many ideas of what the clue could mean.

Before moving on to the last phase, double check your work, publish it and make sure to share the link  and to  enjoy what you have made, good luck!

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